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There is a wide variety of career opportunities available in public gardens and horticulture. These can provide responsibility, challenge, achievement, satisfaction, personal growth, and financial reward. For many in the field, the opportunity to work with nature is the most important reward. Growing trees, shrubs, and other plants touches nearly every aspect of human life. Below are just a few examples of the kinds of jobs that are available at public gardens. Click on the link below to view employment opportunity.

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Public Garden Administration

As is true with every organization, there is a variety of senior level administrative positions available at public gardens. Some of the senior level jobs include the CEO, CFO, directors of development, education, horticulture, facilities and maintenance, P.R. and marketing, research and visitor services.

There is a wide variety of jobs in the horticulture department of any garden requiring differing levels of education and experience. These range from curator to collections manager, which requires significant education and experience, to gardener, which typically requires less education and experience.

Visitor Services
Beyond maintaining the garden, there are many positions that provide direct services for garden visitors. These positions are typically specialized and vary significantly in experience and education requirements. Areas included under this heading are education, membership, development, gift shop/food service, volunteer coordination, and library.

Internships in Public Gardens

There is a wide variety of internships available at public gardens throughout North America. An internship provides a wonderful educational opportunity while at the same time providing valuable professional experience. You will also make contacts with prospective employers and begin building a network of professional contacts.

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